COVID-19 update

Hi All,

With the New Zealand Lockdown currently in place I thought I would give you an update on how this effects Repashy NZ.

Repashy NZ is a non customer facing store, so there is no issues with that during the lockdown period.

Repashy NZ is run from my house, so there are no issues with getting to the stock when you place an order.

Pet Food is considered an essential service, so there are no issues there either.

Most pet foods are available from a supermarket or vet, which is why some of the pet stores are closed during the lockdown.  Repashy is not available from supermarkets and is only in 2 or 3 vet stores throughout NZ, AND I need to be open to supply the Zoo's and other facilities that use the Repashy products.

 The result is that it is business as usual for me here.  As an Essential Service supplier my couriers are still available to pick up and deliver your orders.

Stay Safe everyone.



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